Take control of your home!

With SALUS iT600 Smart Home app you can control your heating and electrical appliances while at the same time monitoring security. All controlled from anywhere via your Smartphone, Tablet or PC. The App is available in various languages in App Store & Google Play. All you need is an active network connection and one from above.
This app is free, has no time or functional limitations and it does not require regular payments later on (or any subscriptions or license).

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OneTouch Rules

Using OneTouch rules you can predifine the system adjusted exactly to your needments. All by creating personalised configurations bringing the action of any devices of the system, in group of them or even creating an interaction between the devices.

Set up a OneTouch event to be triggered based on the time of day, day of the week or even when something occurs within your home. OneTouch can also be set to act like a timer, turn this on for one hour and then turn it off or just let it work according to other device action.